Natural sandstone circle can be used to create winding paths. Circles are a popular feature, either built into larger patios or as stand-alone features within the garden. The circle patios enhance the beauty of you garden. We can offer a range of circles, featuring a center stone with one, two, three or more outer rings of pre-cut flags, giving a selection of 1.8m, 2.8 m & 3.6 m diameters.

All the circles featured here come as 'kits', that is, as complete sets with the requisite number of pieces required to form a whole circle, and we can offer "Squaring-off Kits" as an optional extra. Squaring-off kits are supplied with 1.8 m the 2.8m & 3.6 m diameter circles. They are available in all the following colors. The squaring kits increase circles dimensions by 200mm respectively.

Stone Circles Products
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