•   USI Appalachian Blend is a blend of four different Quarzitic Sandstones that have the solid and durable strength of the rugged Appalachian Mountains. This rich blend of colors come in beautiful earth tones that combine Castle Grey, Bronté, Autumn Brown, and Buff giving this sandstone a rustic and natural look.
  •   Whether it’s used for steps, slabs, cobbles or stepping stones, USI Autumn Brown has the warm look of chiseled clay extracted from the Earth's soil.  The earthy hues of amber-reds and copper browns vary in the light of an Autumn day.
  •   The sawn and sandblasted process provides a roughed exterior with uniformity in texture. This method extends Autumn brown with a more subtle variation in color of warm earthy reds and the browns of the fall.
  •   Large commercial tumblers rotate the rocks in a gigantic drum processing several thousand pounds of stone at a time. This abrasive process smooths all surfaces of the stone creating a soft and refined feel.  Autumn Brown Tumbled Stone has a distinguished and weathered appearance making it a great addition to your hardscape project.
  • Bronte

      USI Bronté is rich with varied tones of lavender and a warm range of beige hues.  Its range of variations reflect well against the colors of a sunset.  The natural cleft texture of this durable quartzitic sandstone is perfect for both patios and walkways.
  •   USI Brown Stone shares reddish hues with its rich deep brown tones.  Its creamy veining in wavy patterns add movement and depth to complement its darker base coloration.  The thermal finish gives it a grainier texture making it perfect for outdoor patios and around the pool.
  •   USI Castle Grey reflects the strength and resilience of a Medieval Castle. Its color ranges from light to medium greys with cool undertones. Its low maintenance and extreme durability make for timeless, classic designs. Offered in numerous applications, Castle Grey is a dependable choice for any project.    
  •   Sawn and sandblasted Castle Grey offers another variation of one of USI's most popular stones. This process provides a roughed surface and uniformity in texture. This method offers a refined variation of light greys with some darker veining present.
  •   The tumbling process smooths all surfaces of the stone creating a smooth refined feel. This method yields another variation of USI’s most popular stone, Castle Grey. The tumbled stone looks like its endured thousands of years of foot traffic in an old European city.
  •   USI Cosmic Grey is truly an unique color.  It has a darker grey palette with variations of bronze and creams adding to its rich depth.  The light and dark tones coexist in a harmonious relationship seen in the cosmos.
  •   Cosmic Grey veneer has a blend of dark and light greys with flashes of rusty browns. These colors give the veneer a rich depth to complement its surroundings.
  • Fossil

      Fossil has a rich color variation that conjures the memories of landscape that once was. The Sandstones transformative history can be seen in its leafy “fossilized” markings as a result of water seeping into the stone over thousands of years leaving mineral deposits behind. The stone patterns and colors are unique with copper browns, beige, black, and cream. With its natural beauty and steeped history, USI’s Fossil sandstone is sure to be a conversation piece.    
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